Do you know of a shirt that we should feature on Mugtron, or do you have one of your own that you’d like us feature? Send us a link to where the shirt can be purchased as well as a high-quality image of the design. We will consider it for inclusion on the website. Please attach the design only (at least 500px x 500px), not a mocked-up image of the design on a tee, nor a photo of the tee. Also, keep the file size under 2MB.

Please note that we do not accept every single submission.
We carefully curate all submissions in order to maintain a level of quality that meets our standards. Here’s a bit of insight into our curation process.
We receive too many submissions to send a reply to everyone as to why their submission might not have been accepted.
Check to make sure we don’t already have the design listed before submitting it.
Submitting a design multiple times does not increase its chances of being accepted, so don’t do that.
Please do not submit designs that are not printed and not available for purchase online.
This is not a place to submit designs that are up for voting.
You are allowed two submissions per day. Please submit only your best designs.

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